Hanoverian Marelines


Translation for the german book „Hannoveraner Stutenstämme“



Hanoverian Marelines

Hanoverian Marelines. Translation for the german book „Hannoveraner Stutenstämme“, please order both books.

After the first edition from 2000 was sold out, a second, expanded, updated edition became available. Through 272 pages, the reader gets an impression of the wide-reaching Hanoverian mare lines. Some lines are represented in detailed accounts and pictures. This book is supplemented with full-page, detailed pedigree charts, which were newly-created for this edition. These charts give a very good overview and contain the complete mare lines of the licensed stallions that come from these lines. There are some new six-generation pedigrees in which the individual horses and their associations are indicated with the corresponding mare line.

Each licensed stallion is listed with three generations of ancestors. They are itemized per mare line where the licensing and stallion performance test champions, and National Young Horse Champions are specifically displayed, if applicable. Exceptional sport horses are pointed out. In addition, each field of discipline is shown in order to provide a reference to further literature.

This book is a reference guide and represents an absolute must for the people who busy themselves with the genetic connections to the Hanoverian breed and expands the meaning of the mare lines for those who wish to deal with the subject.